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Brewing Methods 

We love coffee! So we are always researching and testing new ways to make the best home-brewed cup of coffee. There are a few methods that can immediately improve the quality of your coffee, no matter how fancy or basic your coffee routine is.

When experimenting, test one element at a time, such as grind size, amount of grounds, water temperature, amount of water, brew time, and pouring method. Most of all... have fun!

Brewing Tips

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Use fresh filtered water around 200 degree temp.


Grind beans right before brewing. Below is a quick guide to grind size. But experiment and adjust to taste.

  • Coarse: French Press & Cold Brew​

  • Medium Coarse: Chemex

  • Medium: V60 & Coffee Pot

  • Medium Fine: Aeropress & Refillable KCup

  • Fine: Espresso 


For best results weight out your beans and water and start with a 15:1 ratio (For example: 20g coffee & 300g water). Then adjust ratio to taste.


Coffee Pot: Use 1.5 - 2 Tbs of medium ground coffee per 6 oz water or 60g coffee per liter of water.


V60: Use 25 grams of medium ground coffee to 375 grams of 200 degree water.


Chemex: Use 50g medium coarse coffee to 750g water.


Clever Dripper: Use 30g coffee to 400g water.


French Press: Use 60g coffee to 750g water.


K-Cup: Use a reusable K-cup and fill to max line with fresh finely ground coffee. Use hottest water setting and smallest cup size button.


For all brewing methods, adjust grind size and amount of coffee to taste. 

Storage Tips


Remember light, air, moisture, and heat are what cause coffee to go stale.


Use a sealed container or coffee bag to store and squeeze/push out all the air after each use. Check out the Airscape containers in our store for the best solution.


Keep in a cool dry place like your pantry. 

Use within 2-3 weeks of opening (for best flavor).

It’s okay to keep in freezer for up to a month. But once you open the bag just keep it in the pantry and use within two weeks. Condensation will destroy your coffee if you pull it in and out of the freezer everyday.


The fridge is not a good place to store coffee. 

Burr Grinder


If you’re going to invest in speciality coffee, buy a high quality and consistent burr grinder for home use. The Baratza Encore is a fantastic entry level burr grinder. The Fellow Ode is the one we use at home.


A consistent grind will give you consistent extraction which will give you a better tasting cup of coffee. This is SO important!

If you’re buying our beans and would like them ground, we have you covered. But, grinding just before brewing gives you the freshest cup!

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