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  • What is Air Roasting?
    Air roasted coffee is coffee that is roasted on a fluid bed of hot air as opposed to the traditional method of tumbling in a hot steel drum. We love air roasted coffee because it tastes amazing, but it's also a faster process and easier to duplicate batches. Our customers love air roasted coffee because it creates a cleaner and smoother flavor.
  • What is Small Batch Roasted?
    Roasting is a craft. At Regier Coffee Roasters, our goal is to create quality, not quantity, in every roast. Small Batch roasting isn’t just about roasting smaller quantities, but more about highlighting that bean’s specific attributes. Each roast requires an individually developed roast profile to reach its full potential. We love small batch roasting because we have greater control over the bean’s final flavor and can create better consistency with every roast.
  • How Often Do You Roast?
    Online orders and subscriptions are typically roasted on the next scheduled roast day (Tuesday & Fridays) and shipped the same or next business day (not including weekends and holidays).
  • Can I Send Coffee As a Gift?
    Yes! When you check out, make sure to add the recipient's address on the shipping address. If you have a special note or request, please add it in the checkout as well.
  • Tell me more about Subscriptions
    Have fresh roasted Regier Coffee delivered straight to your door each month and never run out of coffee again! Or send your favorite coffee as a gift subscription to a good friend. Choose a coffee(s) and then choose monthly subscription and save 5%. Choose free local pickup or standard shipping.
  • How Do I Manage My Subscriptions?
    Click the account icon on the top right hand of the screen. Log in and then click the account icon again. This will reveal a dropdown menu where you can manage your account and subscription settings.
  • Can You Grind My Coffee?
    YES! We grind your coffee to order. You can select your grind preference before you place in your cart.
  • What’s up with the flavor notes? Do you really add strawberry, chocolate, or caramel to your coffee?"
    No we do not add any flavoring to our coffee. The coffee notes (flavors) are describing what is inherent to the bean and region. Each bean has unique characteristics and flavor notes due to the region, soil, climate, and processing methods.
  • Where Do You Get Your Beans?
    We get our beans from a coffee importer who sources and works with farmers in country. Our importer is very dedicated to fair prices, sustainability, and quality.
  • How Do I Store The Coffee?
    In the bag that we sell it in or in a sealed air tight container away from moisture, light, and heat. The fridge or freezer is not a great place to store coffee. Check out our Airscape containers on our merch page. We find they are the best storage for coffee.
  • What Is Your Return Policy?
    Your coffee is freshly roasted, just for you, so we are unable to offer returns or refunds for your coffee order. If you are unsure of what type of coffee will satisfy your palate, consider ordering one of our 4 oz Tasters or creating a custom sample pack to help make the decision a bit easier. However, if something is just not right, please contact and us and let us know. We will try to do do everything we can to make it right.
  • If I Live Locally, Can I Do a Local Pickup?"
    Yes, just pay online, and pick it up at one of our designated pick up spots and days. We also usually have a variety of coffee in stock at the Madrid General Store in Madrid, NE, Hatch's Superfoods Grocery Store in Grant, NE, The Ogallala Flower Shop in Ogallala, NE, and Meadowlark Lane Coffee and Floral Shop in Wauneta, NE . Both the Madrid General Store and Hatch's locations have grinders if you need it ground to a specific grind, so please just ask someone for help if you need it.
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