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Region: Brazil & Columbia

Altitude: 1200-1700M

Process: Washed & Natural

Body: Medium

Acidity: Medium

Roast: Medium & Medium Dark (Blended)

Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Roasted Almond, 


Cold Brew is the perfect summer drink! A blend of Columbia and Brazil beans that taste smooth, creamy, chocolatey, and sweet. Cold Brew is easy to make at home, sweeter than normal brewed coffee, and very low acidic. Enjoy by itself, over ice, or with your favorite cream or sweeter.


This blend ALSO works great in your coffee pot, French Press, or as ice coffee.


How to Make Cold Brew at Home

  • Grind bean on coarsest setting.
  • Use a cold brew pitcher, French Press, or cold brew coffee bag.
  • Combine 75g (2.65oz) of coarse ground coffee with 1 liter (33.8 fluid oz) of filtered water.
  • Steep on counter or in fridge for 18-20 hours.
  • Remove grounds from water.
  • Add water or ice to desired stregth.
  • Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks.



Cold Brew Blend

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